Maine Revised Statutes

§851. Information against attorney

Whenever an information is filed in the office of the clerk of courts in any county by the Attorney General, or by a committee of the State Bar Association, or by a committee of the bar or bar association of such county, charging that an attorney at law has conducted himself in a manner unworthy of an attorney, or has become and is disqualified for the office of attorney and counselor at law, for reasons specified in the information, any Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court may, in the name of the State, issue a rule requiring the attorney informed against to appear on a day fixed to show cause why his name should not be struck from the roll of attorneys, or such other disciplinary measures imposed as the justice deems appropriate, which rule, with an attested copy of the information, shall be served upon such attorney in such manner as the justice directs at least 14 days before the return day, and shall be made returnable either in the county where such attorney resides or where it is charged that the misconduct was committed. [1965, c. 309, §1 (AMD).]

1965, c. 309, §1 (AMD).