Maine Revised Statutes

§754. Correction of mistakes in transcript

Manifest errors or mistakes in any transcript may be corrected, under the direction of the judge, according to the facts. When an error or mistake is alleged by the party conducting the hearing or examination or by his counsel, or by the person testifying or submitting to examination or by his counsel, and said parties cannot agree whether or not there is such an error or mistake as alleged, or what correction should be made, the judge shall decide whether or not such an error or mistake exists, and may allow or disallow a correction according as he may find the fact. In such case the judge shall annex to the transcript a certificate signed by him stating the alleged error or mistake and by whom alleged, and the correction allowed or disallowed. In case the said parties mutually agree that there is an error or mistake in the transcript, and in like manner agree what the correction should be, the transcript may be corrected according to such agreement, but such correction shall be stated and made in the presence of the judge. No changes or alterations shall be made in any transcript except in the presence of the judge or the person appointed by the judge to take the examination.