Maine Revised Statutes

§702. Duties

The Reporter of Decisions shall prepare correct reports of all legal questions argued and decided, reporting cases more or less at large according to his judgment of their importance. He shall publish periodic advance sheets and at least one volume of Maine Reports yearly. The reporter shall, subject to the approval of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court, make a written contract in the name of the State with any person, firm or corporation for the printing, publishing and binding of said reports. The price of each volume and the advance sheets shall be stated in the contract. He may require such person, firm or corporation to give a good and sufficient bond with good and sufficient sureties, conditioned for the faithful performance of all the terms and conditions of such contract by the person, firm or corporation with whom the reporter makes such contract. In case of a breach of any or all of the conditions of such bond, the reporter may maintain an action on such bond in the name of the State. In the exercise of any discretionary powers vested in him by this section or by section 57, the Reporter of Decisions shall act in accordance with such instructions or advice as may be given to him by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court. [1965, c. 459, §1 (AMD).]

All copies of the Maine Reports purchased by the State shall be delivered to the State Law Librarian for distribution as provided in Title 3, section 173, subsection 3, paragraph B. [1973, c. 788, §8 (NEW).]

1965, c. 459, §1 (AMD). 1973, c. 788, §8 (AMD).