Maine Revised Statutes

§556. Account for moneys received; depository; accounts verified; deposits in name of court; forfeiture

The clerk shall keep a true and exact account of all moneys which he receives or is entitled to receive for services by virtue of his office as clerk of the Superior or Supreme Judicial Courts and shall pay the same to the Treasurer of State. All moneys belonging to the county or State respectively shall be paid within 30 days after they are received by him, in such manner as the Chief Justice or his designee shall from time to time specify. If, in either case, he neglects to do so, he shall pay 25% interest thereon until paid. Upon the county treasurer's or Treasurer of State's notice of any known delinquency, the clerk's bond shall then be sued. [1975, c. 735, §11 (RPR).]

Proceeds of all sales of property made under the judgment or decree of the Supreme Judicial Court or of the Superior Court and any and all other sums of money from whatever source derived in civil proceedings coming into the custody of the Supreme Judicial Court or of the Superior Court shall be deposited in such depository as the court having custody of such money shall designate, and shall be withdrawn therefrom upon order of the clerk of courts, countersigned by any Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court or of the Superior Court. Any justice of either of the courts shall designate some proper depository for the funds referred to and such designation shall be minuted on the docket of the court. Clerks of courts in the several counties shall keep a regular record containing the account of such funds showing the deposits and all accumulations thereof and the amounts withdrawn therefrom, specifying the date of such withdrawal and the case to which such matters relate. All deposits shall be in the name of the beneficiary with the clerk of court designated as custodian. [1989, c. 501, Pt. P, §4 (AMD).]

Whenever any of these funds are ordered by the courts to be paid to a person entitled to these funds, all accrued interest shall be paid to the claimant less a 5% fee based on the total proceeds, unless otherwise ordered by the court. Whenever any of these funds remain unclaimed for 20 years from the date when payable under the court judgment or decree, the clerk shall obtain an order from the court, under whose judgment or decree these funds were placed in the clerk's custody, that a comprehensive abstract of the facts be advertised for 3 weeks successively in a newspaper of general circulation published in the county, and if no one appears to claim these funds within 60 days after date of the last publication, the funds shall become forfeited to the State and be paid by the clerk to the Treasurer of State. That portion of this section providing for the forfeiture of unclaimed funds shall apply to funds held by the clerk of courts for 20 years or more prior to September 16, 1961. [1989, c. 501, Pt. P, §5 (AMD).]

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