Maine Revised Statutes

§306. Interchange of judicial duties; expenses

During the sickness, absence from the State or inability of any judge of probate to hold the regular terms of his court, such terms, at his request or that of the register of the county, may be held by the judge of any other county. The judges may interchange service or perform each others' duties when they find it necessary or convenient, and in case of a vacancy in the office of a judge, all necessary terms of the probate court for the county may, at the request of the register, be held by the judge of another county until the vacancy is filled. The orders, decrees and decisions of the judge holding such terms have the same force and validity as if made by the judge of the county in which such terms are held.

When any judge of probate holds court or a hearing in any probate matter, or in equity, in any county other than the one in which he resides, such judge shall be reimbursed by the county in which such court or hearing is held for his expenses actually and reasonably incurred, upon presentation to the county commissioners of said county of a detailed statement of such expenses. [1965, c. 513, §5-A (AMD).]

1965, c. 513, §§5-A (AMD).