Maine Revised Statutes

§28. Additional fee revenue dedicated

The judicial branch may credit 4%, up to a maximum of $300,000 per fiscal year, of fee revenue collected pursuant to administrative orders of the court to a nonlapsing Other Special Revenue Funds account to support the capital expenses of the judicial branch. If the fee revenue from the judicial branch is less than the amount budgeted as undedicated fee revenue for the General Fund, the amount credited to the Other Special Revenue Funds account during the fiscal year must be reduced by a percentage equal to the percentage by which General Fund undedicated fee revenue is under budget. [2011, c. 380, Pt. HHH, §1 (AMD).]

2009, c. 213, Pt. QQ, §2 (NEW). 2011, c. 380, Pt. HHH, §1 (AMD).