Maine Revised Statutes

§251. General jurisdiction

Each judge may take the probate of wills and grant letters testamentary or of administration on the estates of all deceased persons who, at the time of their death, were inhabitants or residents of the judge's county or who, not being residents of the State, died leaving estate to be administered in the judge's county, or whose estate is afterwards found therein; and has jurisdiction of all matters relating to the settlement of such estates. A judge may grant leave to adopt children, change the names of persons, appoint guardians for minors and others according to law and has jurisdiction as to persons under guardianship, and as to whatever else is conferred by law, except in cases in which the District Court has jurisdiction over a child pursuant to section 152, subsection 5-A. [RR 2015, c. 2, §1 (COR).]

RR 2015, c. 2, §1 (COR). 2015, c. 460, §3 (AMD).