Maine Revised Statutes

§202. Oaths and acknowledgments

All oaths required to be taken by personal representatives, trustees, guardians, conservators, or of any other persons in relation to any proceeding in the probate court, or to perpetuate the evidence of the publication of any order of notice, may be administered by the judge or register of probate or any notary public. A certificate thereof, when taken out of court, shall be returned into the registry of probate and there filed. When any person of whom such oath is required, including any parent acknowledging consent to an adoption, resides temporarily or permanently without the State, the oath or acknowledgment may be taken before and be certified by a notary public without the State, a commissioner for the State of Maine or a United States Consul. [1981, c. 456, Pt. A, §5 (AMD).]

1979, c. 540, §6 (AMD). 1981, c. 456, §A5 (AMD).