Maine Revised Statutes

§159. Clerks; appointment

For each division, for the violations bureau and for the office of the Chief Judge, the Chief Judge shall appoint clerks and deputy clerks as necessary. A clerk of the Superior Court may also serve as the clerk of the District Court. If the business of any division or the violations bureau does not require the full-time service of a clerk, the Chief Judge may appoint a part-time clerk for that division or violations bureau. Whenever the clerk is unable to perform the duties of that office or so directs, the deputy has all the power and performs all the duties of clerk. Whenever a clerk is absent or temporarily unable to perform the duties as clerk and there is no deputy clerk authorized or available to exercise the powers and perform the duties of clerk and an existing or immediate session of the court renders it necessary, the Chief Judge may designate a clerk pro tempore who has the same powers and duties of the clerk. [1995, c. 560, Pt. I, §14 (AMD).]

The clerk of the District Court may sign notices to appear in court for hearings on nonpayment of fines, counsel fees or restitution. [1997, c. 135, §2 (NEW).]

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