Maine Revised Statutes

§107. Clerk

For each county, the Chief Justice shall appoint a person to serve as the clerk of the Superior Court in that county. A clerk of a District Court may also serve as the clerk of a Superior Court. Any deputy clerk, if the deputy's appointment has been temporarily approved by a Justice of the Superior Court then sitting in that county or permanently approved by the Chief Justice of the Superior Court, may, whenever directed by the clerk, act as clerk of the Superior Court at any session in that county. [1995, c. 560, Pt. I, §4 (AMD).]

The clerk of the Superior Court may sign notices to appear in court for hearings on nonpayment of fines, counsel fees or restitution. [1997, c. 135, §1 (NEW).]

1995, c. 560, §I4 (AMD). 1997, c. 135, §1 (AMD).

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