Maine Revised Statutes

Title 39-A, Chapter  1: GENERAL PROVISIONS
39-A §101. Short title
39-A §102. Definitions
39-A §103. Common-law defenses lost
39-A §104. Applicability to certain actions and employers; exemptions
39-A §105. Predetermination of independent contractor and construction subcontractor status
39-A §105-A. Construction contractors
39-A §106. Invalidity of waiver of rights; claims not assignable
39-A §107. Liability of 3rd persons; election of employee; subrogation
39-A §108. Preference of claims
39-A §109. Compilation of claims information
39-A §110. Collective bargaining
39-A §111. Alternative programs
39-A §112. Workers' compensation coverage for forest firefighters
39-A §113. Exemption for nonresident employees; reciprocity
39-A §114. Independent contractor status for truckers and couriers (REPEALED)