Maine Revised Statutes

§905. Notice of injury; requisites; sufficiency; limitation of actions

An action for the recovery of damages for injury or death under sections 901 to 904 may not be maintained unless notice of the time, place and cause of the injury is given to the employer within 60 days and the action is commenced within one year after the accident that causes the injury or death. The notice must be in writing, signed by the person injured or by a person in behalf of the person. If it is impossible from physical or mental incapacity for the person injured to give the notice within the time provided in this section, the person may give it within 10 days after the incapacity has been removed, and if the person dies without having given the notice and without having been for 10 days at any time after the injury of sufficient capacity to give it, the person's executor or administrator may give such notice within 60 days after appointment. A notice given under this section is not invalid or insufficient solely by reason of an inaccuracy in stating the time, place or cause of the injury, if it is shown that there was no intention to mislead and that the employer was not in fact misled by the inaccuracy. [1991, c. 885, Pt. A, §8 (NEW); 1991, c. 885, Pt. A, §§9-11 (AFF).]

If a notice given under this section is claimed by the employer to be insufficient for any reason, the employer shall notify in writing the person giving it within 10 days, stating the insufficiency claimed to exist, and the person whose duty it is to give the notice may, within 30 days, give a new notice with the same effect as if originally given. [1991, c. 885, Pt. A, §8 (NEW); 1991, c. 885, Pt. A, §§9-11 (AFF).]

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