Maine Revised Statutes

§316. Guardians and other representatives for minors and incompetents

If an injured employee is a minor or is mentally incompetent or, when death results from the injury, if any of the employee's dependents entitled to compensation are minors or mentally incompetent at the time when any right, privilege or election accrues under this Act, the parent, guardian or next friend of the minor or incompetent, or some disinterested person designated by the board, may claim and exercise that right, privilege or election, or file any petition or answer, on behalf of the minor or incompetent. No limitation of time provided in this Act may run as long as the minor or incompetent has no parent living or guardian. [1991, c. 885, Pt. A, §8 (NEW); 1991, c. 885, Pt. A, §§9-11 (AFF).]

If the board has reasonable grounds for believing that compensation paid under this Act, either in weekly installments or in a lump sum, will be squandered or wasted by the injured employee or the employee's dependents, the board may designate in writing some disinterested person to act as trustee for the injured employee or the dependents. The trustee shall file an account at least once a year with the board showing the amounts of receipts and expenditures in behalf of the injured employee or the dependents. [1991, c. 885, Pt. A, §8 (NEW); 1991, c. 885, Pt. A, §§9-11 (AFF).]

1991, c. 885, §A8 (NEW). 1991, c. 885, §§A9-11 (AFF).