Maine Revised Statutes

§931. Creation; right to flow land; damages

Any person, firm or corporation which may be entitled to the rights and benefits provided for in this chapter is authorized and empowered to build, maintain and operate dams and other necessary works and structures, including side dams, embankments, ditches and drains, on lands owned or leased by them for the purpose of creating and maintaining water storage reservoirs or basins; to raise the level of the waters in such storage reservoirs or basins by augmenting the supply of stored water from sources other than the natural drainage area by means of pumping or otherwise; to retain and discharge said stored water; to build, maintain and operate pipes, conduits, penstocks, tunnels and canals for the purpose of augmenting and discharging said stored water for use by such persons, firms or corporations for working their water mill or mills. Such persons, firms or corporations are authorized and empowered to flow such lands as may be necessary to carry out the purposes of this section, and damages caused by the flowing of such lands by means of said dams, other works and structures shall be ascertained and determined in the manner as prescribed in this chapter.