Maine Revised Statutes

§585-C. Hazardous air pollutant emissions inventory

1. Findings and purpose.  The Legislature finds that advancing scientific knowledge increasingly demonstrates that many air pollutants may reasonably be anticipated to result in an increase in mortality or an increase in serious irreversible, or incapacitating reversible, illness to the residents of the State. Accordingly, the Legislature concludes that it is in the public interest to identify the extent of potential health risks.
[ 1983, c. 835, §2 (NEW) .]
2. Emissions inventory.  The commissioner shall carry out and maintain an inventory of the sources in the State emitting any substance that may be a hazardous air pollutant.
A. This inventory must include the following data for each of those substances:
(1) The number of sources;
(2) The location of each source or category of source;
(3) The quantity emitted by each source or category of source;
(4) The total emissions; and
(5) The percentage of total emissions generated by sources with existing air licenses. [1989, c. 890, Pt. A, §40 (AFF); 1989, c. 890, Pt. B, §160 (AMD).]
B. In conducting this inventory, the commissioner may rely upon questionnaires or other reasonable methods, including those established by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, for the purpose of carrying out this duty as promptly and efficiently as possible. The commissioner shall clearly indicate on any requests for information the minimum amount of emissions that must be reported. The commissioner may not require reporting of this information more frequently than every other year. [1995, c. 313, §1 (AMD).]
C. In carrying out this inventory, the commissioner may require persons to provide information on forms supplied by the commissioner. Refusal to provide the information subjects the person of whom it is requested to a civil penalty of not more than $100 for each day's delay. Submission of false information constitutes a violation of section 349, subsection 3, in addition to being subject to remedies otherwise available by law. [1989, c. 890, Pt. A, §40 (AFF); 1989, c. 890, Pt. B, §160 (AMD).]
D. [2015, c. 250, Pt. C, §9 (RP).]
E. [1989, c. 890, Pt. A, §40 (AFF); 1989, c. 890, Pt. B, §160 (RP).]
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