Maine Revised Statutes

§583-B. Classification of air quality control regions

The air quality regions set forth in section 583 or portions thereof are classified as follows: [1979, c. 381, §6 (NEW).]

1. Class I.  Class I:
A. Those federal lands which have been established as mandatory Class I areas by the Federal Clean Air Act: Acadia National Park located in the Downeast Air Quality Region; Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge located in the Downeast Air Quality Region; and the Roosevelt Campobello International Park located in New Brunswick, Canada; [1979, c. 381, §6 (NEW).]
[ 1979, c. 381, §6 (NEW) .]
2. Class II.  The areas in the State not designated Class I or Class III or nonattainment areas shall be Class II areas;
[ 1979, c. 381, §6 (NEW) .]
3. Class III. 
[ 1979, c. 381, §6 (NEW) .]
4. Nonattainment areas.  The board shall have the authority to designate certain regions or portions thereof as nonattainment areas after opportunity for a public hearing and determination that any ambient air quality standard is being exceeded;
[ 1989, c. 890, Pt. A, §40 (AFF); 1989, c. 890, Pt. B, §157 (AMD) .]
5. Redesignation of class. 
A. [1979, c. 732, §28 (RP).]
B. Other areas may be redesignated as follows:
(1) The board may recommend to the Legislature the redesignation of any air quality region in whole or in part, to Class I, II or III. Prior to this recommendation, an opportunity for a public hearing shall be offered in areas which may be affected by the proposed redesignation. Prior to notice of the hearing opportunity, a report shall be made available with a description and an analysis of health, environmental, economic, social and energy impacts with the proposed redesignation. Should the area proposed for redesignation include or be deemed to affect federally owned lands, the board shall consult with the appropriate federal land manager prior to the redesignation. All proposed redesignations shall be submitted to the Legislature for enactment. [1983, c. 566, §33 (AMD).]
[ 1983, c. 566, §33 (AMD) .]
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