Maine Revised Statutes

§496-B. Water quality network -- Article VI-B

The commission, in cooperation with this State and such other states signatory to the New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Compact as may participate, shall establish and maintain a water quality sampling and testing network. The network shall, to the fullest extent practicable, rely upon the sampling and testing programs of this State, such other participating states, and upon information available from agencies of the Federal Government, and shall not duplicate any of their activities. However, if the sampling and testing programs of this State and other states, and the information available from agencies of the Federal Government are insufficient to provide the commission with records of water quality adequate for its needs, the commission may supplement the sampling and testing otherwise available to it. [1969, c. 166, §4 (NEW).]

Sampling pursuant to this section shall be at points at or near the places where waters cross a boundary of this State, and the samples shall be tested in order to determine their quality. The sampling and testing provided for herein shall be scheduled by the commission or in accordance with its requests, and shall include such factors or elements as the commission shall request. Any sampling and testing done by the Commissioner of Environmental Protection of this State as part of the activities of the commission's network shall be reported fully and promptly by such agency to the commission, together with the results thereof. [1989, c. 890, Pt. A, §40 (AFF); 1989, c. 890, Pt. B, §105 (AMD).]

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