Maine Revised Statutes

§484-B. Additional standards for quarries and excavations

In addition to other standards required by or pursuant to this article, a quarry or an excavation for borrow, clay, topsoil or silt that is licensed pursuant to this article, regardless of the date of licensing, must meet the following minimum standards concerning dust control and spill prevention. [2005, c. 158, §1 (NEW).]

1. Spill prevention.  Refueling operations, oil changes and other maintenance activities requiring the handling of fuels, petroleum products, hydraulic fluids and other on-site activity involving the storage or use of products that, if spilled, may contaminate groundwater, must be conducted in accordance with the department's spill prevention, control and countermeasures plan. Petroleum products and other substances that may contaminate groundwater must be stored and handled over impervious surfaces that are designed to contain spills. The spill prevention, control and countermeasures plan must be posted at the site.
[ 2005, c. 158, §1 (NEW) .]
2. Dust control.  Dust generated by activities at an excavation site, including dust associated with traffic to and from the excavation site, must be controlled by sweeping, paving, watering or other best management practices for control of fugitive emissions. Dust control methods may include the application of calcium chloride, as long as the manufacturer's guidelines are followed. Visible emissions from a fugitive emission source may not exceed an opacity of 20% for more than 5 minutes in any one-hour period.
[ 2005, c. 158, §1 (NEW) .]

The department may require that a quarry or excavation take additional measures or provide additional information when necessary to meet the standards for development set forth in section 484. [2005, c. 158, §1 (NEW).]

2005, c. 158, §1 (NEW).