Maine Revised Statutes

§410-I. Cooperation with agencies

1. Agency cooperation.  The commissioner shall cooperate and coordinate with the Commissioner of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry; the Commissioner of Transportation; the Commissioner of Economic and Community Development; the Commissioner of Health and Human Services; and the Commissioner of Marine Resources to ensure a coordinated approach to nonpoint source pollution control for agriculture, forestry, transportation and development.
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2. Ranking of watersheds.  In cooperation with the commissioner, the agencies identified in subsection 1 shall identify those watersheds that should receive highest priority for corrective action for nonpoint source pollution and those actions recommended in great pond watersheds to control phosphorus runoff.
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3. Annual coastal water quality monitoring and remediation planning.   The department shall in coordination with the public health division of the Department of Marine Resources create an annual work plan outlining priorities for the monitoring and classification of shellfish growing areas and for hydrographic studies in shellfish growing areas. The work plan must also prioritize remediation projects that will improve water quality within shellfish growing areas. Staff from both agencies must be assigned in determining responsibilities of the work plan. The Department of Marine Resources shall solicit priorities from the Shellfish Advisory Council established under Title 12, section 6038 and from municipalities with approved municipal shellfish programs for work within shellfish growing areas in those communities. In order for municipal recommendations to be considered for inclusion in a work plan, the municipality must commit to assist in the identification and remediation of nonpoint source pollution, including failing subsurface wastewater disposal systems, in areas affecting the water quality of shellfish growing areas.
The agencies shall prepare a draft work plan by February 1st of each year and make it available for review at a regularly scheduled meeting of the Shellfish Advisory Council, set out under Title 12, section 6038.
The agencies shall begin implementing the work plan by March 1st annually.
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