Maine Revised Statutes

§362-A. Experiments and scientific research in the field of pollution and pollution control

Notwithstanding any other law administered or enforced by the department, the board is authorized to permit persons to discharge, emit or place any substances on the land or in the air or waters of the State, in limited quantities and under the strict control and supervision of the commissioner or the commissioner's designees, exclusively for the purpose of scientific research and experimentation in the field of pollution and pollution control. The research and experimentation conducted under this section is subject to such terms and conditions as the board determines necessary in order to protect the public's health, safety and general welfare, and may be terminated by the board or commissioner at any time upon 24 hours' written notice. [1989, c. 890, Pt. A, §40 (AFF); 1989, c. 890, Pt. B, §19 (AMD).]

Prior to applying for approval of any project involving discharge of petroleum products to tidal waters under this section, the applicant shall first obtain written approval from the municipal officers of the municipality in which the project is proposed to take place. The applicant shall provide the municipal officers with a complete description of the project at least 90 days prior to the proposed date of the project. The municipal officers may hold a public hearing, provided that it is held within 45 days of the filing of the application with the municipality. The municipal officers shall approve a project within 60 days of receipt if they find that the project will not constitute a hazard to the health, safety or welfare of the residents of the municipality. [1981, c. 623, (NEW).]

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