Maine Revised Statutes

§343-F. Reporting and disclosure requirements

An environmental professional who obtains analytical information indicating a discharge or release of a hazardous substance, hazardous waste, hazardous matter, special waste, pollutant or contaminant, including petroleum products or by-products at a site, at levels that, in that professional's best professional judgment, require removal or remedial action to prevent significant threats to public health or the environment shall advise that professional's client of that information. [1993, c. 355, §5 (NEW).]

If the client of the environmental professional is not the owner or operator of the site, the client shall disclose the analytical information to the owner or operator of the site. Upon receipt of that information, the owner or operator shall submit this information to the commissioner within a reasonable time period unless the time period is otherwise prescribed by law. This section does not affect the legal protections afforded to confidential business information or other privileges, if any, that may be applicable. If the client makes a disclosure and the owner or operator does not submit this information to the commissioner, the client and the environmental professional may not be held liable for the owner's or the operator's failure to disclose. [1993, c. 355, §5 (NEW).]

An applicant or permit holder who directly or indirectly retains an environmental professional for the purpose of providing information to the department shall disclose to the department if the environmental professional has a direct or indirect financial interest in the applicant, the permit holder or the property or activity that is the subject of the permit. [2007, c. 399, §8 (NEW).]

1993, c. 355, §5 (NEW). 2007, c. 399, §8 (AMD).