Maine Revised Statutes

§601. Homes established; purpose

There must be public homes for veterans in Maine known as "Maine Veterans' Homes" for the purpose of providing long-term care, support and related services to eligible veterans and family members of veterans. The Maine Veterans' Homes also are authorized to provide nonnursing facility care and services to Maine veterans if approved by appropriate state and federal authorities. The Maine Veterans' Homes are authorized to construct community-based outpatient clinics for Maine veterans in cooperation with the United States Department of Veterans Affairs and may construct and operate veterans hospice facilities, veterans housing facilities and other facilities authorized by the Board of Trustees of the Maine Veterans' Homes, using available funds. Any funds loaned to the Maine Veterans' Homes for operating purposes from the funded depreciation accounts of the Maine Veterans' Homes must be reimbursed from any funds received by the Maine Veterans' Homes and available for that purpose. The primary purpose of the Maine Veterans' Homes is to provide support and care for honorably discharged veterans who served on active duty in the United States Armed Forces or who served in the Reserves of the United States Armed Forces on active duty for other than training purposes. [2015, c. 397, §4 (AMD).]

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