Maine Revised Statutes

§508. Veteran service officers

Veteran service officers shall serve, assist and advocate for all veterans. A veteran service officer must be trained and conversant on the issues, benefits and definitions affecting all veterans, including atomic, Vietnam, Desert Storm and female veterans. The bureau shall have at least one veteran service officer who specializes in female veterans' issues. [2013, c. 569, §4 (AMD).]

A veteran service officer may not knowingly present or prosecute a fraudulent claim against the United States or knowingly provide false information to the United States; demand or accept unlawful compensation for preparing, presenting or prosecuting a claim or advising or consulting concerning a claim; or knowingly present to the United States Department of Veterans Affairs a frivolous claim, issue or argument. A claim, issue or argument is frivolous if the veteran service officer is unable to make a good faith argument on the merits of the position taken or to support the position taken by a good faith argument for an extension, modification or reversal of existing law. [2017, c. 108, §7 (NEW).]

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