Maine Revised Statutes

§182. Proclamation of state of insurrection

Whenever any portion of the state military forces is activated in aid of civilian authority and if, in the Governor's judgment, the maintenance of law and order will thereby be promoted, the Governor, by proclamation, may declare the county or municipality receiving the assistance, or any specified portion or combination, to be in a state of insurrection. [1995, c. 600, §3 (AMD).]

In the event of a proclamation of insurrection, and without limiting any other powers of the Governor, whether inherent or conferred by other existing laws, the Governor may issue rules under the emergency rule-making provisions of the Maine Administrative Procedure Act, Title 5, section 8054 that are reasonable under the circumstances to avert additional damage, destruction, injury or loss of life, including, but not limited to, emergency rules for curfews, the deployment of emergency medical supplies and facilities, evacuations, the closing of liquor, arms, ammunition, explosives or other stores and facilities, access roads, temporary detours and other things, whether of a same or a different nature. [1995, c. 600, §3 (AMD).]

In the event of the call up of military forces, pursuant to section 181-A, subsection 1, and without limiting any powers expressly and inherently possessed by or otherwise vested in the Governor as Commander in Chief, the Governor or Adjutant General, as the Governor's designee, may petition any Superior Court for ex parte temporary restraining orders to restrain unlawful interference with efforts to maintain peace or preserve life and property. The court may grant appropriate temporary relief. Upon issuance of the order, the Governor shall cause prompt notice of the order and its effect to be broadcast, posted, announced or otherwise publicized so as to reach the persons effected. Any person aggrieved by the order is entitled at any time it is in effect to bring a motion for vacating the order. The motion must lie in the court from which the order was issued and the moving parties shall serve notice of the motion upon the Governor concurrent with it being filed, but, until vacated, the order remains effective according to its terms. [1995, c. 600, §3 (AMD).]

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