Maine Revised Statutes

37-B §401. Title
37-B §402. Definitions
37-B §403. Persons subject to the Code
37-B §404. Places where applicable
37-B §405. Judge advocates
37-B §406. Apprehension
37-B §407. Arrest or confinement
37-B §408. Designated jails
37-B §409. Probable cause
37-B §410. Information on charges; speedy trial
37-B §411. Quelling of disorders
37-B §412. Receiving prisoners
37-B §413. Report of persons held
37-B §414. Application of the United States Manual for Courts-Martial
37-B §415. Nonjudicial punishment (REPEALED)
37-B §415-A. Nonjudicial punishment
37-B §416. Court-martial
37-B §417. Sentences
37-B §418. Jurisdiction
37-B §419. Convening a court-martial
37-B §420. Composition of court-martial
37-B §421. Military judge
37-B §422. Counsel
37-B §423. Court reporters
37-B §424. Members of court-martial
37-B §425. Pretrial procedures
37-B §426. Limitation of charges
37-B §427. Witnesses
37-B §428. Execution of sentences
37-B §429. Record of trial
37-B §430. State judge advocate's opinion
37-B §431. Approval of findings and sentence
37-B §432. Reconsideration
37-B §433. Appeal
37-B §434. Judicial review
37-B §435. Approval by the Governor
37-B §436. New trial
37-B §437. Restoration of rights
37-B §438. Included offenses
37-B §439. Attempts
37-B §440. Conspiracy
37-B §441. Desertion
37-B §442. Absent without leave
37-B §443. Missing movement
37-B §444. Disrespect to officer
37-B §445. Striking or disobeying an officer
37-B §446. Striking or disobeying a noncommissioned officer
37-B §447. Failure to obey order
37-B §448. Mutiny; sedition
37-B §449. Breaking arrest
37-B §450. Under influence of alcohol or drugs on duty
37-B §451. Sentinels
37-B §452. Feigning illness to avoid duty
37-B §453. False testimony
37-B §454. False official statements
37-B §455. Cruelty and maltreatment
37-B §456. Military property of United States or State; sale, loss, damage, destruction or wrongful disposition
37-B §457. Wrongful possession of controlled substance
37-B §458. Larceny and wrongful appropriation
37-B §459. Assault
37-B §460. Behavior that is prejudicial to good order and discipline of military forces or that discredits military forces
37-B §461. Sexual assault