Maine Revised Statutes

§4078. Persons liable

Personal representatives, trustees, grantees or donees under nonexempt conveyances or nonexempt gifts made during the life of the grantor or donor and persons to whom beneficial interests shall accrue by survivorship are liable for the taxes imposed by this chapter with interest, as provided, until the taxes are paid. For purposes of this section, the terms "nonexempt conveyances" and "nonexempt gifts" mean any transfer to a person which is includable in the federal gross estate of the decedent and with respect to which no deduction is allowed in computing the federal estate tax liability. [1981, c. 451, §7 (NEW).]

If the tax or any part of the tax is paid or collected out of that part of the estate passing to or in possession of any person other than the personal representative in his capacity as such, that person is entitled to a reimbursement out of any part of the estate still undistributed or by a just and equitable contribution by the person whose interest in the estate of the decedent would have been reduced if the tax had been paid before the distribution of the estate or whose interest in the estate is subject to an equal or prior liability for the payment of tax, debts or other charges against the estate. [1981, c. 451, §7 (NEW).]

1981, c. 451, §7 (NEW).