Maine Revised Statutes

§501. Uniform system of accounts

Every public utility shall keep and render to the commission in the manner and form prescribed by the commission, uniform accounts of all business transacted. [1987, c. 141, Pt. A, §6 (NEW).]

1. Other systems prohibited.  Nothing in this Title requires any public utility engaged in interstate commerce to act contrary to the requirements of any federal law relating to public utilities engaged in interstate commerce.
[ 1987, c. 490, Pt. A, §1 (RPR) .]
2. Formulation of systems.  In formulating a system of accounting for any class of public utilities, the commission shall consider any system of accounting established by any federal law, commission or department and any system authorized by the national association of the particular class of utilities.
[ 1987, c. 141, Pt. A, §6 (NEW) .]
1987, c. 141, §A6 (NEW). 1987, c. 490, §A1 (AMD).