Maine Revised Statutes

§4173. Jurisdiction of Public Utilities Commission

The agency is subject to the jurisdiction of the commission in the same manner as any other public utility; provided that, with respect to the approval of securities to be issued to finance the costs of a project or an interest in a project by the agency, upon the request of the agency, the commission shall approve, at one time, bonds which are sufficient to finance the agency's entire costs of the project even if the bonds are to be issued in series from time to time and even though the exact amount of the cost has not been finally determined and the approval may be of an undetermined or indefinite amount; as long as the project has been approved by the commission pursuant to section 3132 and provided that, with respect to the fixing of rates to be charged by the agency for electricity and other services, where the acquisition or construction of a project or any interest in a project is to be financed by the issuance of securities under this chapter secured by a pledge of revenues derived from contracts for the sale of power and energy, transmission and related services and such contracts as proposed provide for rate and charges to be set by a formula or formulas based upon costs incurred or to be incurred in connection with the financing and operation of the project, which may include reasonable reserves for the costs, if the commission determines that the formula and formulas are reasonably related to the costs, the commission shall issue an order approving the formula or formulas and no further approval by the commission of the rates and charges determined pursuant to the contracts shall be required. [1987, c. 141, Pt. A, §6 (NEW).]

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