Maine Revised Statutes

§3152. Policy and findings

1. Increased efficiency.  The Legislature declares and finds that improvements in transmission and distribution utility rate design and related regulatory programs have great potential for reducing the cost of electric utility services to consumers, for encouraging energy conservation and efficient use of existing facilities and for minimizing the need for expensive new electric transmission capacity. It is the purpose of this chapter to:
A. Require the commission to relate transmission and distribution rates more closely to the costs of providing transmission and distribution service; [2013, c. 369, Pt. F, §2 (AMD).]
B. [1999, c. 398, Pt. A, §§104, 105 (AFF); 1999, c. 398, Pt. A, §57 (RP).]
C. Require the commission to consider the ability of low-income residential customers to pay in full for electric services as transmission and distribution rates are redesigned consistent with these policies; and [2013, c. 369, Pt. F, §3 (AMD).]
D. Require the commission to set rates to the extent practicable to achieve economic efficiency. [2013, c. 369, Pt. F, §4 (NEW).]
[ 2013, c. 369, Pt. F, §§2-4 (AMD) .]
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