Maine Revised Statutes

Title 35-A, Chapter  71: GENERAL PROVISIONS
35-A §7101. Telecommunications policy
35-A §7101-A. Telecommunications privacy; policy
35-A §7101-B. Access rates
35-A §7102. Definitions
35-A §7103. Automated calling procedures (REPEALED)
35-A §7104. Affordable telephone service
35-A §7104-A. Access to information services (REPEALED)
35-A §7104-B. Access to information services
35-A §7104-C. Collection of fees related to prepaid wireless telecommunications services
35-A §7105. Caller-ID
35-A §7106. Unauthorized change of carrier
35-A §7107. Unauthorized services
35-A §7108. Use of 2-1-1 number; designation of sole entity entitled to use
35-A §7109. Unlawful telephone charges