Maine Revised Statutes

§210. Recording instrument incorporating master forms

Whenever a mortgage, or deed of trust, is presented for recording on which is set forth matter purporting to be a copy or reproduction of such master form instrument or of part thereof, identified by its title as provided in section 207 and stating the date when it was recorded and the book and page where it was recorded, preceded by the words "do not record" or "not to be recorded" and plainly separated from the matter to be recorded as a part of the mortgage, or deed of trust, in such manner that it will not appear upon a photographic reproduction of any page containing any part of the mortgage, or deed of trust, such matter shall not be recorded by the recorder to whom the instrument is presented for recording. In such case the recorder shall record only the mortgage, or deed of trust, apart from such matter and shall not be liable for so doing, any other provisions of law to the contrary notwithstanding. [1967, c. 107, (NEW).]

1967, c. 107, (NEW).