Maine Revised Statutes

§9407. Application for original license

1. Application; fee.  Applications for original licenses shall be made to the commissioner on forms prescribed by him with respect to the requirements of section 9405. The fee for a license application is $400, of which $100 must be submitted with the application and $300 must be submitted upon issuance of the license. If the previously issued license has expired and has not been renewed within a period of 60 days, the application shall be considered the original application and the same fees and all requirements of an original application shall apply.
[ 1983, c. 221, §3 (AMD) .]
2. Who must subscribe and swear to the application.  Each application shall be subscribed and sworn to:
A. If the applicant is a partnership, by each partner; [1981, c. 113, §2 (NEW).]
B. If the applicant is a corporation, by at least one principal corporate officer and, if different, by the agent of the corporation meeting the qualifications of section 9405, subsection 1-A; or [1989, c. 502, Pt. A, §114 (AMD).]
C. If the applicant is other than a partnership or corporation, by the natural person making the application. [1981, c. 113, §2 (NEW).]
[ 1989, c. 502, Pt. A, §114 (AMD) .]
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