Maine Revised Statutes

§555. Assistants

This chapter does not prohibit an individual from rendering ancillary diagnostic or therapeutic services as used in chiropractic practice, other than the adjustive or manipulative techniques, if those services are rendered under the supervision and control of a licensed chiropractor as long as that individual has successfully completed a training program recognized by the board. "Supervision and control" may not be construed as requiring the personal presence of the supervising and controlling chiropractor at the place where those services are rendered, unless physical presence is necessary to provide patient care of the same quality as provided by the chiropractor. This chapter does not prohibit a chiropractor from delegating to an employee certain activities relating to the care and treatment being performed by custom and usage when those activities are under the direct control of and in the presence of the chiropractor. The chiropractor delegating those activities to an employee, to a program graduate or to a participant in an approved training program is legally liable for those activities performed by such an individual and that individual is considered to be the chiropractor's agent. [1993, c. 600, Pt. A, §52 (AMD).]

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