Maine Revised Statutes

§3654. Reciprocity; endorsement; residency requirement

The board may issue a license to practice podiatry by endorsement to an applicant who has successfully passed the written examination of another state or of a national certifying agency in podiatry recognized by the board if the written examination of the other state or national certifying agency was equivalent to its own examination and if the applicant satisfies in all other respects the requirements for licensure in section 3651-A. An applicant for licensure by endorsement who graduated after January 1, 1991 from podiatric medical school under section 3651-A shall provide the board evidence of satisfactory completion of at least one year of postgraduate clinical training in a podiatric residency training program under section 3651-A. The application to the board must be accompanied by the application fee and license fee as set under section 3652. [2007, c. 402, Pt. P, §12 (AMD).]

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