Maine Revised Statutes

§3266. Elections; meetings; seal; expenses

The members of the board shall meet on the 2nd Tuesday of July of the uneven-numbered years at the time and place the board may determine and shall elect a chair and a secretary who shall hold their respective offices for the term of 2 years. The secretary of the board shall perform such duties as delegated by the board, including license application review functions. The board through its executive director shall receive all fees, charges and assessments payable to the board and account for and pay over the same according to law. The board shall hold regular meetings, one in March, one in July and one in November of each year, and any additional meetings at other times and places as it may determine. The board shall cause a seal to be engraved and shall keep a record of all their proceedings. [2003, c. 601, §2 (AMD).]

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