Maine Revised Statutes

§2594-A. Assistants

Nothing contained in this chapter may be construed to prohibit an individual from rendering medical services if these services are rendered under the supervision and control of a physician and if the individual has satisfactorily completed a training program approved by the Board of Osteopathic Licensure. Supervision and control may not be construed as requiring the personal presence of the supervising and controlling physician at the place where these services are rendered, unless a physical presence is necessary to provide patient care of the same quality as provided by the physician. Nothing in this chapter may be construed as prohibiting a physician from delegating to the physician's employees or support staff certain activities relating to medical care and treatment carried out by custom and usage when these activities are under the direct control of the physician. The physician delegating these activities to employees or support staff, to program graduates or to participants in an approved training program is legally liable for the activities of those individuals, and any individual in this relationship is considered the physician's agent. Nothing contained in this section may be construed to apply to registered nurses acting pursuant to chapter 31. [2013, c. 33, §1 (AMD).]

When the delegated activities are part of the practice of optometry as defined in chapter 34-A, then the individual to whom these activities are delegated must possess a valid license to practice optometry in Maine or otherwise may perform only as a technician within the established office of a physician and may act solely on the order of and under the responsibility of a physician skilled in the treatment of eyes as designated by the proper professional board and without assuming evaluation or interpretation of examination findings by prescribing corrective procedures to preserve, restore or improve vision. [1993, c. 600, Pt. A, §184 (AMD).]

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