Maine Revised Statutes

§2571. Licensure; qualifications; fees

An individual, before engaging in the practice of osteopathic medicine in this State, shall make application for a license to the board, on a form prescribed by the board. The application must be filed with the board at least 60 days before the date of examination together with a fee of not more than $525. The applicant shall present a diploma granted by a school or college of osteopathic medicine approved by the American Osteopathic Association. That applicant shall present evidence of having completed an internship of at least 12 months in a hospital conforming to the minimal standards for accreditation by the American Osteopathic Association, or the equivalency, as determined by the board. All applicants shall provide reasonable and proper facts as the board in its application may require. The board at its discretion may permit an applicant, who is otherwise qualified to be examined during internship, a license to be withheld until successful completion of internship. [2001, c. 492, §1 (AMD).]

All fees set in this chapter are nonrefundable application fees or administrative processing fees payable to the board at the time of application or at the time board action is requested. Unless otherwise specified, the board shall set the fees. [1991, c. 425, §2 (NEW).]

An applicant may not be licensed unless the board finds that the applicant is qualified and that no cause exists, as set forth in section 2591-A, that would be considered grounds for disciplinary action against a licensed physician. [1993, c. 600, Pt. A, §173 (NEW).]

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