Maine Revised Statutes

§2562. Meetings; organizations; duties; powers

The board shall meet in June of each year at a time and place the chair may designate. The board shall elect one of its members as chair annually and one of its members as secretary-treasurer, to hold office at the pleasure of the board. The secretary-treasurer shall ensure proper management of the board's finances. Special meetings may be called at the pleasure of the chair and in case of the death or inability of the chair, the secretary-treasurer may call special meetings. The board shall cause a seal of suitable inscription to be procured and affixed to papers that may require the seal, shall keep a correct record of its proceedings and has power to make rules, not inconsistent with this chapter, it considers necessary for the successful enforcement of its authority and the performance of its duties. As part of the biennial relicensure process, the board shall prepare and distribute to each licensed osteopathic physician practicing in the State a copy of its code of ethics and current rules relative to continuing medical education. The chair and the secretary-treasurer may administer oaths in matters connected with the duties of the board. The records of the board must include a report of all money received and disbursed by the board and a list of all applicants for licenses, including the name and location of the school or college of osteopathic medicine approved by the American Osteopathic Association that granted the degree to each applicant and whether the applicant was granted or denied a license. These records, or duplicates, must always be open to inspection in the office of the Secretary of State during regular office hours. Four members of the board constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. A license to practice osteopathic medicine may not be granted, except on an affirmative vote of a majority of the board. [1997, c. 50, §2 (AMD).]

Each member of the board is entitled to compensation according to the provisions of Title 5, chapter 379. All requisitions for payment of money must be signed by the chair and the secretary-treasurer of the board. If the fees to be collected under the provisions of this chapter are insufficient to pay the salaries and expenses provided by this section, the members of the board are entitled to only a pro rata payment for salary in years in which the fees are insufficient. [1993, c. 600, Pt. A, §170 (AMD).]

The board has the duty and the power to annually determine the salary of the secretary-treasurer, not to exceed $6,000. The board has the power to employ, fix the salary of and prescribe the duties of other personnel as the board considers necessary. The board shall utilize the consumer assistant position as provided in section 3269, subsection 15. The functions and expense of the consumer assistant position must be shared on a pro rata basis with the Board of Licensure in Medicine. [1997, c. 680, Pt. B, §1 (AMD).]

The board may set reasonable fees for services, such as providing license certifications and verifications, providing copies of laws and rules and providing copies of documents. [1993, c. 600, Pt. A, §170 (AMD).]

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