Maine Revised Statutes

§225. Seal

Each licensed architect or landscape architect shall upon licensure obtain a seal of such design as the board authorizes and directs. Technical submissions prepared by or under the direct supervision of a licensed architect or under the direct supervision of a licensed landscape architect must be stamped with the seal during the life of the licensee's license. It is unlawful for anyone to stamp or seal any documents with the seal after the license named on the seal has expired or has been revoked, unless the license has been renewed or reissued. [2013, c. 217, Pt. C, §4 (AMD).]

As used in this section, "direct supervision of a technical submission" means that the supervising licensee has personal knowledge of the technical submission and direct knowledge of involvement with and control over preparation of the technical submission, provided that persons consulting with or employed by the licensee who are licensed in this State under any other provision of law may provide direct supervision of portions of the technical submission. Those portions are determined to be under the direct supervision of the licensee if the licensee has reviewed those portions, coordinated their preparation and is responsible for their adequacy. [1991, c. 396, §20 (NEW).]

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