Maine Revised Statutes

§18376. Public health dental hygienist

1. Scope of practice.  A public health dental hygienist may perform the following procedures in a public health setting under a supervision agreement with a dentist that outlines the roles and responsibilities of the collaboration:
A. Prescribe, dispense or administer anticavity toothpastes or topical gels with 1.1% or less sodium fluoride and oral rinses with 0.05%, 0.2%, 0.44% or 0.5% sodium fluoride, as well as chlorhexidine gluconate oral rinse; [2015, c. 429, §21 (NEW).]
B. Apply cavity varnish; [2015, c. 429, §21 (NEW).]
C. Apply desensitizing agents to teeth; [2015, c. 429, §21 (NEW).]
D. Apply fluoride to control caries; [2015, c. 429, §21 (NEW).]
E. Apply liquids, pastes or gel topical anesthetics; [2015, c. 429, §21 (NEW).]
F. Apply sealants; [2015, c. 429, §21 (NEW).]
G. Apply topical antimicrobials, including fluoride but excluding antibiotics, for the purposes of bacterial reduction, caries control and desensitization in the oral cavity. The public health dental hygienist shall follow current manufacturer’s instructions in the use of these medicaments. For the purposes of this paragraph, "topical" includes superficial and intramuscular application; [2015, c. 429, §21 (NEW).]
H. Cement pontics and facings outside the mouth; [2015, c. 429, §21 (NEW).]
I. Expose and process radiographs upon written standing prescription orders from a dentist who is available to interpret all dental radiographs within 21 days and who will complete and sign a radiographic review and findings form; [2015, c. 429, §21 (NEW).]
J. For instruction purposes, demonstrate to a patient how the patient should place and remove removable prostheses, appliances or retainers; [2015, c. 429, §21 (NEW).]
K. For the purposes of eliminating pain or discomfort, remove loose, broken or irritating orthodontic appliances; [2015, c. 429, §21 (NEW).]
L. Give oral health instruction; [2015, c. 429, §21 (NEW).]
M. Interview patients and record complete medical and dental histories; [2015, c. 429, §21 (NEW).]
N. Irrigate and aspirate the oral cavity; [2015, c. 429, §21 (NEW).]
O. Isolate operative fields; [2015, c. 429, §21 (NEW).]
P. Perform all procedures necessary for a complete prophylaxis, including root planing; [2015, c. 429, §21 (NEW).]
Q. Perform complete periodontal and dental restorative charting; [2015, c. 429, §21 (NEW).]
R. Perform dietary analyses for dental disease control; [2015, c. 429, §21 (NEW).]
S. Perform temporary filling procedures without a dentist present under protocols adopted by board rule; [2015, c. 429, §21 (NEW).]
T. Perform oral inspections, recording all conditions that should be called to the attention of the dentist; [2015, c. 429, §21 (NEW).]
U. Perform pulp tests pursuant to the direction of a dentist; [2015, c. 429, §21 (NEW).]
V. Place and remove gingival retraction cord without vasoconstrictor; [2015, c. 429, §21 (NEW).]
W. Place and remove matrix bands for purposes of fabricating or placing temporary restorations; [2015, c. 429, §21 (NEW).]
X. Place and remove rubber dams; [2015, c. 429, §21 (NEW).]
Y. Place and remove wedges for purposes of fabricating or placing temporary restorations; [2015, c. 429, §21 (NEW).]
Z. Place temporary restorations in compliance with the protocol adopted by board rule; [2015, c. 429, §21 (NEW).]
AA. Remove excess cement from the supragingival surfaces of teeth; [2015, c. 429, §21 (NEW).]
BB. Retract lips, cheek, tongue and other tissue parts; [2015, c. 429, §21 (NEW).]
CC. Smooth and polish restorations, limited to slow-speed application only; [2015, c. 429, §21 (NEW).]
DD. Take and record the vital signs of blood pressure, pulse and temperature; [2015, c. 429, §21 (NEW).]
EE. Take dental plaque smears for microscopic inspection and patient education; [2015, c. 429, §21 (NEW).]
FF. Take impressions for and deliver athletic mouth guards and custom fluoride trays; and [2015, c. 429, §21 (NEW).]
GG. Take intraoral photographs. [2015, c. 429, §21 (NEW).]
[ 2015, c. 429, §21 (NEW) .]
2015, c. 429, §21 (NEW).