Maine Revised Statutes

§16506. Misrepresentations concerning licensing, registration or exemption

The filing of an application for licensing, registration, a registration statement, a notice filing under this chapter, the licensing of a person, the notice filing by a person or the registration of a security under this chapter does not constitute a finding by the administrator that a record filed under this chapter is true, complete and not misleading. The filing, licensing or registration or the availability of an exemption, exception, preemption or exclusion for a security or a transaction does not mean that the administrator has passed upon the merits or qualifications of, or recommended or given approval to, a person, security or transaction. It is unlawful to make or cause to be made to a purchaser, customer, client or prospective customer or client a representation inconsistent with this section. [2005, c. 65, Pt. A, §2 (NEW).]

2005, c. 65, §A2 (NEW).