Maine Revised Statutes

§15213. Elevator or lift mechanics; license; definition

A person may not service, repair, alter or install any elevator unless that person is licensed as an elevator or lift mechanic under this chapter. Elevator work in industrial plants and manufacturing plants may be performed by plant personnel who are not licensed under this chapter if the work is supervised by the plant engineer and performed in compliance with rules adopted by the director. [2013, c. 70, Pt. D, §20 (AMD).]

The word "elevator," as used in this chapter, includes all electrical equipment, wiring, steelwork and piping in the elevator machine room, hoistway and pit pertaining to the operation and control of an elevator, except power feeders and required power equipment up to the control panel, heating, lighting, ventilation and drainage equipment. [2001, c. 573, Pt. B, §20 (AMD); 2001, c. 573, Pt. B, §36 (AFF).]

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