Maine Revised Statutes

§15113. Registration; stamping

A boiler, except one exempt under section 15102, may not be operated in this State unless the boiler is registered in the office of the director upon blanks to be furnished by the director upon request. The completed blanks must contain information regarding maker's name, type of construction, date of construction, age, location and when last inspected and other information as may be required. [2013, c. 70, Pt. C, §28 (AMD).]

A pressure vessel, except those exempt under section 15102, may not be installed and operated in this State after June 30, 1974, unless it is constructed, inspected and stamped in conformity with Section VIII of the code and is registered with and approved by the director. [2013, c. 70, Pt. C, §28 (AMD).]

The director may conduct shop inspections. The shop shall pay the required fee for the inspection. [2013, c. 70, Pt. C, §28 (AMD).]

A pressure vessel that does not bear the code stamping may be registered with and approved by the director, if the person desiring to install the vessel makes application to the director and files a copy of the manufacturer's data report or a copy of the construction details together with material specifications for review and approval prior to installation. [2013, c. 70, Pt. C, §28 (AMD).]

After a boiler or pressure vessel has been registered with the director, the director shall furnish and the owner or user shall stamp or have stamped a number as given, on the shell of the boiler in the space commonly used for such purposes, with letters and figures not less than 3/8 of an inch high. [2013, c. 70, Pt. C, §28 (AMD).]

If a boiler or pressure vessel subject to this section is moved from one location to another, notice must be given to the director of the removal and of the new location in which the boiler or pressure vessel is to be set up. [2017, c. 210, Pt. H, §3 (AMD).]

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