Maine Revised Statutes

§14507. Application

An application for licensure under this chapter must include: [2007, c. 402, Pt. KK, §4 (AMD).]

1. Application information.  The name, local and permanent business and residential address or addresses, date of birth and social security number of the home repair seller;
[ 1993, c. 444, §1 (NEW) .]
2. Employees of the seller.  The names and addresses of employees of the seller; and
[ 2017, c. 210, Pt. G, §1 (AMD) .]
3. Statement.  At the time of making the application, a statement of all civil judgments or criminal convictions secured or outstanding against the seller that arises out of home repair services during the 4 years prior to making the application, all criminal and civil suits pending against the seller that arise out of home repair services and all criminal convictions and criminal suits pending for theft against the seller.
The seller shall promptly notify the department of all changes or additions in the information required by this section.
Knowingly, intentionally or recklessly making a false statement in an application is grounds for denial of the application or revocation of the license.
[ 2017, c. 210, Pt. G, §2 (AMD) .]
4. Photograph. 
[ 2017, c. 210, Pt. G, §3 (RP) .]
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