Maine Revised Statutes

§1404-A. No embalming when autopsy authorized

The next of kin or legal representative of a person who has died may authorize an autopsy. If an autopsy is authorized, no person shall inject into or remove from any artery, vein, or cavity of the body of the person who has died any fluid, gas or other substance except by or with the permission of a pathologist, medical examiner or licensed physician in attendance. [1975, c. 677, (NEW).]

On completion of the autopsy, the body shall be released for normal handling. [1975, c. 677, (NEW).]

The provisions of this section do not apply to deaths within the jurisdiction of medical examiners or autopsies as authorized in Title 22, chapter 711. [1975, c. 677, (NEW).]

A violation of this section is a Class E crime. [1975, c. 677, (NEW).]

1975, c. 677, (NEW).