Maine Revised Statutes

§1377. Plan review

Prior to construction of any fire sprinkler system, or prior to an addition involving more than 20 new sprinkler heads to a fire sprinkler system, regulated by the National Fire Protection Association, Pamphlet No. 13, as amended, a fire sprinkler system contractor shall obtain a permit from the commissioner who shall review the plan for construction or addition and charge a reasonable fee for the review and permitting process. All plans to be submitted by a contractor to the Department of Public Safety must be reviewed, approved and signed by the certified responsible managing supervisor retained by the contractor. [1997, c. 728, §36 (AMD).]

All plans for construction of or alteration to fire sprinkler systems must prominently display the fire sprinkler system contractor's license number, as well as the responsible managing supervisor's certification number and the name and address of the person to install the fire sprinkler system. Each permit issued must be displayed prominently at the site of construction. Within 30 days of the completion of a new fire sprinkler system or an addition to an existing fire sprinkler system, a fire sprinkler system contractor shall provide to the commissioner a copy of the permit signed by the certified responsible managing supervisor representing that the fire sprinkler system has been installed according to specifications of the approved plan to the best of the supervisor's knowledge, information and belief. [1997, c. 728, §36 (AMD).]

1989, c. 247, §§2,4 (NEW). 1997, c. 728, §36 (AMD).