Maine Revised Statutes

§7204. Notice to Legislature and fiscal administrator

If the voters approve the question to develop a deorganization procedure, the moderator shall notify the fiscal administrator of the unorganized territory within the Office of the State Auditor and the executive director. The notice shall report the results of the deorganization meeting and provide the reasons for deorganization of the municipality. [1989, c. 216, §2 (NEW); 2013, c. 16, §10 (REV).]

1. Notice to Legislature.  The executive director shall provide a copy of the notice to the joint standing committee of the Legislature having jurisdiction over local government matters.
[ 1989, c. 216, §2 (NEW) .]
2. Notice to commission.  The fiscal administrator shall provide a copy of the notice to the commission.
[ 1989, c. 216, §2 (NEW) .]
1989, c. 216, §2 (NEW). 2013, c. 16, §10 (REV).