Maine Revised Statutes

§6202. Fund source; nonlapsing; dedicated, special revenue account

There is established the Fund for the Efficient Delivery of Local and Regional Services to assist those municipalities that collaborate with other municipalities, counties or state agencies to obtain savings in the cost of delivering local and regional governmental services. The fund consists of revenues transferred from the General Fund and any funds received as contributions from private and public sources. Eligible investment earnings credited to the assets of the fund become part of the assets of the fund. Any balance remaining in the fund at the end of any fiscal year must be carried forward to the next fiscal year. The fund is a dedicated, special revenue account. [2009, c. 213, Pt. S, §8 (AMD); 2009, c. 213, Pt. S, §16 (AFF).]

2005, c. 266, §2 (NEW). 2009, c. 213, Pt. S, §8 (AMD). 2009, c. 213, Pt. S, §16 (AFF).