Maine Revised Statutes

§6014. Governmental unit intercept

The Treasurer of State may receive from the Federal Government any amount of money as appropriated, allocated, granted, turned over or in any way provided for the purposes of the bank or this chapter. Unless otherwise directed by federal authority, these amounts must be credited to and deposited in the General Fund and are available to the bank. [1997, c. 787, §14 (AMD).]

The Treasurer of State shall pay and deposit in the General Fund and make available to the bank, any funds or money in the treasurer's custody or control whether the funds or money is available because of any grant, allocation or appropriation by the Federal Government or the State or any state agency to assist any governmental unit in paying its municipal securities or school construction loan liability under section 5953-E, referred to in this section as "loan liability," owned or held by the bank, or required by the terms of any other law to be paid to holders or owners of municipal securities or loan liability upon failure or default of a governmental unit to pay the principal of or interest on its municipal securities or loan liability when due and payable, to the extent that any such funds or money is applicable with respect to municipal securities or loan liability of a particular governmental unit that are then owned or held by the bank and as to which that governmental unit has failed or defaulted to make payment of principal or interest as and when due and payable. [1997, c. 787, §14 (AMD).]

To the extent that the Treasurer of State is the custodian of any funds or money due or payable to a governmental unit at any time after written notice to the Treasurer of State from the bank to the effect that the governmental unit has not paid or is in default as to the payment of principal of or interest on any municipal securities or loan liability of that governmental unit then held or owned by the bank, the Treasurer of State shall withhold the payment of such funds or money from the governmental unit until the amount of the principal or interest then due and unpaid has been paid to the bank, or the Treasurer of State has been advised that arrangements, satisfactory to the bank, have been made for the payment of the principal and interest. [1997, c. 787, §14 (AMD).]

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