Maine Revised Statutes

§5409. Trust funds

Notwithstanding any other law, all money received under the authority of this chapter is deemed to be trust funds, to be held and applied solely as provided in this chapter. The resolution authorizing the issuance of bonds or the trust agreement securing the bonds shall provide that any officer to whom, or bank, trust company or other fiscal agent to which, this money is paid, act as trustee of the money and hold and apply the money for the purposes of this chapter, subject to any regulations provided in the resolution or trust agreement or required by this chapter. [1987, c. 737, Pt. A, §2 (NEW); 1987, c. 737, Pt. C, §106 (NEW); 1989, c. 6, (AMD); 1989, c. 9, §2 (AMD); 1989, c. 104, Pt. C, §§8, 10 (AMD).]

1987, c. 737, §§A2,C106 (NEW). 1989, c. 6, (AMD). 1989, c. 9, §2 (AMD). 1989, c. 104, §§C8,10 (AMD).